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Orientation at OPAIC

8 January, 2020
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We’re welcoming the decade’s first batch of new students to the campus this week.

The students have come from as far afield as Russia, China, India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, and Papua New Guinea.

Head of Management, Lehan Stemmet, addressed students on behalf of OPAIC’s leadership team today.

He told them they’d made an outstanding decision to come to New Zealand and Otago Polytechnic’s Auckland International Campus.

They might feel overwhelmed at first, but staff were here to help them. Most staff were from overseas and many had been international students and would understand their journeys and have empathy.

All of the students had been selected to study here because they met the necessary criteria, Lehan said.

“All of you are 100 percent capable of getting though the qualification. Put in the work. Ask the questions. You have the support of this outstanding team of people.”

This morning’s other talks covered tips for being successful at OPAIC, advice about living in Auckland, how to get involved in campus life, health and wellbeing, and services we provide to support students.

Later students toured the campus, took part in an orientation fair and quiz, and enjoyed a Maori cultural performance by Te Wehi Haka, the Haka Experience.

Orientation runs from Tuesday until Thursday and also includes an introduction to academic programmes, an IT induction, and an Employability afternoon.

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