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Samuel Alonso

Graduate Diploma in Applied Management



Business student Samuel Alonso came to New Zealand for some valuable experience in an international environment.

Sam was born in Venezuela, but his family is Spanish, and Spain is his home. He completed a master’s degree and worked as a finance manager for hotels prior to coming to OPAIC.

He decided to move to New Zealand because he was looking for a place to improve his English.

“I realised that this is a country with a lot of job opportunities, business opportunities and at the same time has amazing nature and I’m a nature lover.”

His research showed OPAIC was affordable and well-ranked so he enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Applied Management.

Sam says he’s learning about management in general and business in New Zealand. He says a lot of educational material is available to him at OPAIC.

He’s looking forward to starting his industry placement and learning even more about the Kiwi work environment.

“Something that I really like about this school is that it’s really focused on the labour market.”

The teachers have industry experience and share their knowledge.

Living in New Zealand has been a huge change for him but he considers the move a very good decision.

 “Probably in the future I will realise, wow, it was an amazing experience, because I will be in a better position than before.”

After Sam graduates, he’d like to work in New Zealand for a year or two, then he will probably return home.

“But I know that I will have the opportunity to find a better position, because my English is going to be better and I will have more international experience. That is something that nowadays is very important.”

Eventually, he’d like to have his own international company and work around the world. For that he needs a good command of the English language.

Sam says New Zealand is a country with a very good combination of nature, quality of life, and opportunities. Additionally, you can find people from all over the world here.

He thinks New Zealand is a great study destination for those from Spain and Latin America.

It offers an amazing opportunity for those from Spain to learn more about this side of the world.

“They’ll get different knowledge and different life experience that for sure is going to be amazing for them. They will grow personally and professionally.”

It’s a very good option for those from Latin America who are looking for new opportunities to improve their English and have an experience in an English speaking country.

 “It’s a new country with a lot of opportunities and it’s growing so fast.”

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