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Evgenia Balashova

Graduate Diploma in Applied Management



Evgenia Balashova says one of the best things about OPAIC is the freedom students have to drive their own projects.

Evgenia, who comes from St Petersburg in Russia, has just completed a Graduate Diploma in Applied Management at OPAIC.

She has a degree in advertising from Russia and has worked in the advertising and events industries. She’s also owned her own business running a small hostel.

Evgenia said her decision to move to New Zealand was quite spontaneous. She’d never thought much about coming to the country but likes it now that she’s here, especially the people.

“Everyone is so friendly and responsive. People really care about each other. That’s what I really like about New Zealand.”

She decided studying OPAIC’s Graduate Diploma in Applied Management would be an interesting way to re-qualify and improve on her existing degree.

“I found it really exciting. I love it, I love learning,” she says.

“It’s something new and really interesting and challenging, and I enjoy it so much.”

One of the best things about OPAIC is that students are free to implement their own projects, she says.

They have deadlines to meet and theory to learn, but overall the course is quite flexible.

Evgenia says all of the lecturers here present information clearly, which is important for students who speak English as a second language.

She says the information she gained from her course is really relevant and can be used in the real world. She’s worked as an assistant salesperson at a digital marketing company here in New Zealand and has seen the things she been learning about in practice.

Evgenia hopes to find full-time work in the marketing and advertising field and says she wouldn’t mind working for an airline one day as she enjoys travel.

She believes OPAIC has prepared her well for the workforce and recommends it to others considering overseas study.

“Don’t be afraid, just go. If you really want to do this, don’t be scared.”