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Taras Barbashin

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management



Travelling halfway across the world to study in New Zealand was written in the stars for Russian student Taras Barbashin.

New Zealand first caught his attention while he was stuck in traffic in Moscow about a decade ago. He looked up and saw a billboard about a Russian airline company. The billboard contained a beautiful picture of the Milky Way and some information about the night sky over New Zealand.

“I don’t know why but I remember this picture from 2008,” he says.

Many years later his wife raised the idea of studying in New Zealand and he connected the suggestion with his memory of the Milky Way.

Taras arrived in New Zealand last December. He says he loves it here, especially the weather and the food.

“I love New Zealand. The people here are very friendly. That’s important to me,” he says.

He says the country is also a good place for family in terms of its social and medical services.

 “It’s a good new experience. People can find here new experience, get new skills, find new connections.”

One of the best things about the OPAIC campus is its location on Queen Street in the city centre, he says.

Taras likes the cultural diversity within Auckland city. He hadn’t expected to see people from so many different countries including China, Malaysia, Japan and Brazil.

“It’s interesting. It’s new opportunities for business too because China, Malaysia, they are great world consumers and producers and that’s why it’s good to have connections and understand the economies.”

Taras worked in finance and accounting back in Russia. He is also interested international trading.

During his Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management, Taras has been learning about financial decisions, capability for managers, research and enquire, and entrepreneurship.

He hopes he’ll have the opportunity to get some work experience in New Zealand after he finishes his qualification and says it should be easy for him to adapt to local systems.

Outside of study he enjoys sport, particularly martial arts. He’s an experienced kickboxer and has started Brazilian Jujitsu since arriving in New Zealand. He’s found a good club, with a good team and coaches.