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Suparajit (Gink) Laorutdecha

New Zealand Diploma in Construction (Quantity Surveying)



Suparajit (Gink) Laorutdecha says there’s never a shortage of work in the construction sector and that’s what makes it such a good industry to enter.

“If you’ve learned about construction, you’ll find a job easily, if you have a good attitude and a good personality.”

She had a background in construction in Thailand and decided to undertake the New Zealand Diploma in Construction (Quantity Surveying) at OPAIC to learn how the industry differs here from in Thailand.

She found a part-time labouring job at a painting and plastering company while she was studying. Since graduating she has moved into a Quantity Surveyor position at the company, where she is responsible for pricing and site management.

Gink says what she learned in her programme at OPAIC is very applicable to what she now does in her job, particularly the programme content related to measurement and the tendering process.

Her favourite part of her job is getting out and meeting people.

“In Quantity Surveying you need to have good relationships with people. That’s the best thing.”

Gink has stayed in touch with her OPAIC lecturers as well as friends she made in her construction programme. She says most of her classmates have stayed in New Zealand and are now working in the construction sector here, including one who has joined her at her company.

She recently returned to OPAIC to talk to our current students about plasterboard lining.

She said she enjoyed coming back to the campus and meeting the current cohort of students and hopes to work with lecturers to arrange some internships for students at her company in the future.  

Gink says people in New Zealand and all over the world are always in need of new buildings. Construction never ends - that’s what makes it a good industry to work in and why she encourages others to study in the field.

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