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Mariika Tiupysheva

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management



Russian student Mariika Tiupysheva says she picked Otago Polytechnic’s Auckland International Campus because it's well-ranked and affordable with quality education.

She took her time researching a number of different schools before settling on OPAIC.

Now that she’s here she says one of the best things about the school is the people. She’s been working with amazing people for group work and she hopes they’ll remain friends for years.

She enjoys the library and database access OPAIC offers. She also likes spending time at Auckland’s Central City Library next door.

Mariika is enrolled in a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management. She says her course has looked at how to research, interview and work with literature. She’s also learned about presentations and how to motivate people.

Mariika has been working on a project about social media in business, a topic she’s very interested in as she already works in the industry.

She has a small graphic design company which produces business cards and branding. She also develops Instagram pages for others.

Mariika decided to come to New Zealand because she’d made some money through her business and was deciding whether to use that money to develop her business, open another business, develop her mind, or travel.

“I found that New Zealand might be a very interesting place to visit and might be a very nice place to study. So I combined travelling and education.”

She says New Zealand was a good choice because she doesn’t need to worry about economic and political stability here.

“And New Zealand is multicultural. I can meet people from all over the world here.”

She says she’s absolutely in love with Auckland and could spend hours walking around the city.

“I like New Zealanders, they’re very friendly and open.”