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Akshay Nair

Bachelor of Construction (Quantity Surveying)



Akshay Nair performed so well during his internship that he’s just been hired as a permanent employee at a construction company.

Akshay came to New Zealand from India in December of 2019, right after completing high school.

“Apart from having one of the most mesmerizing and picturesque landscapes in the whole world, New Zealand has one of the best education systems,” he says.

“From having globally recognised qualifications to having excellent pedagogy-based learning systems which ensures growth of both practical and theoretical knowledge while promoting innovation and research, who wouldn't want to come to study here?”

The fact that his uncle and family had already made the move here was an added bonus.

Akshay says he chose OPAIC to maximize his post-study work opportunities. He knew OPAIC had a vast alumni network, and that was what helped him land a great internship.

Going through the interview and selection process for the internship was a bit nerve-wracking, as he was an international student just beginning his career, he says.

However, the whole process was made easier by the Employability Team, who gave him the opportunity to stand out in front of experienced professionals.

“One thing I remember them saying that gave me a confidence booster was a quote from Marcus Garvey: ‘If you have confidence in yourself, you have won before you have even started.’ Simple as that. I gave the interview and started my internship two weeks later.”

Akshay says the work was hectic at first, as he wanted to get everything perfect in order to stand out and be respected for his work in the professional environment.

He says his goal for his internship was simply to become a better version of himself.

His manager set him the challenge of getting at least two construction projects signed off by a client. His confidence improved greatly after receiving the first sign-off. He ended up getting three projects signed off by clients and landing himself a full-time job at the company.

Akshay says everything he learned from the beginning to the end of his study has been useful in his internship and his job.

One thing that stood out for Akshay during his time at OPAIC was the diverse culture here.

 “One could feel they are welcomed whomsoever they may be because the people around you are so polite and kind.”

The second thing that stood out was the online learning experience, during the city’s lockdowns.

“The lecturers made it so easy for us to learn, grasp, and enjoy everything that it didn't feel like we were missing out on our student life.”