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Sisi Xu

Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management



Graduate Sisi Xu came to New Zealand because she wanted to see more of the world.

Sisi comes from Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city in south east China with weather similar to New Zealand’s. She studied the arts at Xiamen University then taught music for about five years. One day she realised she was bored with what she was doing.

“Since I was a child I studied music and now that I’d graduated I’d become a music teacher. I wanted something more.”

She says she loved travelling so decided to go out and see the world: “China is big, but outside of China is huge.”

She studied English in her city for three months, then came to OPAIC in 2017 and completed the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 4).

After that she decided to study the Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management because it was related to her love of travelling and because a career in the hotel industry would allow her to meet a lot of new people.

Sisi says her home city is a tourist destination, so a career in hotels will allow her to work back home or anywhere else in the world.

She didn’t know anything about hotels when she started the course, because she came from a music background. However her lecturers at OPAIC were really experienced and helped her out a lot.

Sisi was able to further improve her English by studying with students from a range of countries.

The Corporate Relations team helped prepare her for interviews ahead of her Industry Project and she secured a placement with Oaks Auckland Harbour hotel near Britomart.

She did so well in her placement that the general manager gave her a part-time contract. Now that she’s finished studying, they’ve offered her a full-time position as Guest Service Agent.

“I worked really hard there. English is not really a big problem - you can learn day by day, but attitude is really important.”

Employers have to see that you are keen to work and keen to learn, says Sisi.

Her job involves checking guests in and out, collecting payments, and answering calls from customers and agents.

“I really like it. I can meet people from anywhere – Canada, European countries, Australia, everywhere.”

She hopes to work her way up in the industry and continue living in New Zealand.

“I really love this country because this country’s quite open and welcoming and accepting.”

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