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Aniceto Rodrigues

Graduate Diploma in Accounting



Living and working in New Zealand has allowed Aniceto Rodrigues to challenge himself and learn about different cultures and people.

Aniceto, from Mumbai, studied the Graduate Diploma in Accounting at OPAIC.

He enjoyed his time at the campus and says it was nice working in such a diverse environment.

“It’s a mixed culture. Everybody has different inputs…That’s what actually made me want to come to New Zealand, the different people around,” says Aniceto.

“You learn a lot from different people. That’s what I like so far about New Zealand.”

The method of teaching at OPAIC is less traditional than what he’s used to. Lecturers make use of the latest technology in very productive ways, he says.

A friend who had previously studied at the campus inspired Aniceto to come.

 “She spoke highly of it. So that’s what made me choose Otago over the others.”

Since graduation, Aniceto has been keeping busy. He’s been working with a number of companies including retail outlet Strandbags.

He says working in retail and interacting with customers has allowed him to come out of his shell and get to know a lot of people in his new country.

Aniceto has also recently completed a contract with rehabilitation service Neuro Rehab Results. His work there included everything from front desk duties to accounting.

Neuro Rehab Results director and physiotherapist Dr Suzie Mudge says Aniceto is very proficient in accounting and has excellent computer skills. He also learns unfamiliar tasks quickly.

“He has shown that he was work ready – showing maturity and professionalism in his relatively short time with me.”

Suzie says Aniceto also has excellent writing and speaking skills which are essential in dealing with a wide range of people.

“He added real value to my practice in the time he has been with me and I wish him well for his continuing work journey,” she says.

Aniceto has now taken up a job with a trust of which Suzie Mudge is a director. He works part-time as the accountant for the charitable organisation, which trains dogs to assist people with disabilities.

He hopes to soon find a full time accounting job and continue working with the trust on the weekends.

Aniceto likes life in New Zealand and is still exploring the place.

“It just keeps getting better and better,” he says.

There’s a lot to learn in New Zealand despite its small size.

“I like learning different things, learning about different people, different cultures.”

He encourages others considering studying overseas come to New Zealand, get out of their shell, and challenge themselves.