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Nimisha Prajapati

Graduate Diploma in Applied Management



Nimisha Prajapati says she’s on cloud nine now that she’s back in New Zealand and resuming her study after more than two years stuck offshore.  

Nimisha was born and raised in India and has worked in Accounts and as a Customer Representative there.

She began her Graduate Diploma in Applied Management with OPAIC in 2019. However, she returned home to India to visit family shortly after and became stuck there for more than two years due to border closures.

She put her studies on hold until she could return to New Zealand, which she was able to do this July.

Nimisha says the pandemic has been a tough time for her as it has for many people around the world but she’s happy to finally be back in New Zealand.

“After coming back to New Zealand I'm feeling like I am on cloud nine.”

Nimisha has two Study Blocks remaining in her diploma and will finish in early December. She is currently carrying out an internship at Cardinal Logistics’ Wiri branch as part of her study.

Nimisha says she would love to work for a company like Cardinal after she graduates.

She says the internship is giving her a chance to understand the business and work culture in New Zealand.

“My work at Cardinal Logistics is to deal with statements, which includes checking invoices, deleting duplications, and asking suppliers for missing invoices via email.”

After getting all the information she needs she uploads it to a system in order to get final approval and collect payments.

“After joining Cardinal I'm feeling like this is New Zealand and this is what I came for. The Cardinal team and their work atmosphere is heavily flexible so I can work and learn freely there.”

She says her OPAIC experience has also been great.

“OPAIC has given me the chance to experience the real New Zealand. I have celebrated a Diwali function and Christmas party with OPAIC back in 2019.

Her overall experience with staff and fellow students has been excellent, she says.  

“Each and every staff member at Otago is extremely cooperative and helpful.”

She was particularly thankful to her lecturers Rajeev Chawla, Dani Mao, and Yury Zhukov.