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Sina Ramzi Eslamboli

Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management



Online student Sina Ramzi Eslamboli is balancing his Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management with his work for a multinational telecommunication company in Iran.

Sina is an electrical engineer by profession and works as a facilities maintenance and project supervisor for the company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Power.

Sina lives in Mashhad but is originally from Tabriz which is most famous for museums, major cultural events, and prestigious Iranian universities.

With no experience of studying online, Sina was surprised by the high-quality online courses offered by OPAIC and happy with the support extended by the team of staff.

He says he’ll never forget his online orientation when one of his lecturers said students didn’t need to call staff ‘doctor’, ‘professor’, ‘Mr’ or ‘Ms’ here at OPAIC. They could instead call them by their first name. He said this warm welcome assured him he’d receive great support and education here.

Sina chose OPAIC for its up-to-date teaching, high employability rate, and the practical knowledge imparted to students. He looks forward to improving his management skills and growing professionally.

He says in challenging times such as this pandemic, it’s important to make plans for the future.  He is a strong believer in staying self-motivated and says, “when all paths are closed, you build one”. He looks forward to one day writing a book about his life.

He says English is not his first language, and that presents various learning challenges. However, he appreciates the support he’s received from OPAIC lecturers, support staff, peer tutors, and student representatives who have patiently addressed his queries and helped him overcome stress.

“The lecturers and friendly staff like Bing Dai, Philip Cass, Jayani, Kashmira, and Christian are playing an important role in this regard.”

Sina says parents, friends, siblings, and colleagues have played a vital role in his achievements so far.

He particularly appreciates his wife who has been playing an exceptional role in supporting him throughout this journey and helping him to tackle all problems during studying, working, and struggling with various challenges in Iran.

Outside of work and study, Sina is a very talented Santoor player and loves playing this Iranian musical instrument to express his emotions.

OPAIC wishes Sina all the success in his current course and future study.