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Wai Kuen (Ryan) Chong 

Bachelor of Applied Management

Hong Kong


Entrepreneur Ryan Chong is learning how to do business in New Zealand in his Bachelor of Applied Management programme at OPAIC.

The 25-year-old from Hong Kong already has his own company called Bula Group Limited. That company includes a car exporting company in USA called Bula Auto and a technology product brand in Hong Kong called Bula Tech, which is selling nationwide in New Zealand.

Ryan decided to study at OPAIC because he’d heard all about the school’s hands-on focus from his education advisor. 

“What you learn here and what you experience here can apply to what you do in the real world,” he says.

Since beginning his course here he’s received lots of good advice about how to manage a business in a better way, particularly during his entrepreneurship classes.

He’s learned how to create a proper business plan, and about management methods, and is using that knowledge to become an official supplier to PB Technology.

Ryan says one of the best things about OPAIC is the lecturers and the way they teach.

“I have a lot of interaction with all the teachers.”

Ryan has also studied in the USA and says universities have larger class sizes there so students don’t get to interact with teachers as much.

According to Ryan the most important thing about OPAIC is its practical element.

“They teach you how to do the stuff. You can really apply this in the workplace..” he says.

“Otago Polytechnic will get you ready to work.”

Ryan’s goals are to be a successful entrepreneur and to have a successful sustainable business that people are aware of. He also wants to spend time learning about different things before settling on one field.

Now that he’s worked in the automotive and technology industries, he wants to give the financial area a go.

“I want to try the financial area, I want to see more things.”

Ryan says New Zealand is a relaxed place with lots of opportunities to explore and develop.

He believes Hong Kong and America are already well-developed with a lot of competitors, but here in New Zealand you can still find an area to develop.

There is a lot of opportunity to work or start up a business here, he says.

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