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Evania Bernadine

Graduate Diploma in Applied Management



Graduate Evania Bernadine says one of the best things about studying at OPAIC was having the opportunity to collaborate with her classmates and learn from them.

Students were often put into groups in her Graduate Diploma in Applied Management and asked to discuss issues and come up with strategies.

She says those exercises were really interesting because they involved six people giving their own ideas.

“So you get to learn a lot. Because it’s not only your ideas coming out. Someone else is also giving their own ideas. You’re learning something new.”

The group work helped her expand her thinking and she’s been able to put the skills she learned to use in her current job where she works as part of a team.

Evania is working in sales and marketing for Greenfield Global Limited.

She says she chose a lot of marketing subjects at OPAIC and most of what she learned, including specialist marketing terms, is applicable to her job.

 “They’ve actually helped me a lot in my job at the moment where I’m working and I’m actually applying it at the moment.”

Evania says OPAIC is a fantastic college. The lecturers are always helping students, the Student Success team is fabulous, and there are opportunities for job recruitment on campus. That’s how she secured her current job.

She says she loves life in New Zealand, particularly the country’s beauty and the work-life balance.

Hear Evania speak about her experience over on our YouTube channel.

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