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Sajith Abeysingha

Graduate Diploma in Applied Management

Sri Lanka


Graduate Sajith Abeysingha has found the perfect job with the help of OPAIC’s Corporate Relations Team.

Sajith has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Sri Lanka and almost four years of experience in the field.  

He decided to come to OPAIC and study the Graduate Diploma in Applied Management because he wanted to improve his project management skills. His research showed OPAIC was a highly ranked institute.

Sajith says he hadn’t done any business-related study prior to coming to OPAIC but the lecturers helped him to improve his knowledge in the area.

He eventually became a top student and was acknowledged for his efforts at the school’s Top Achievers Awards.

Sajith then found the perfect position for his internship at a project management consultancy firm.

The Corporate Relations Team at OPAIC identified his key areas and helped him find the internship at Elementary Consultant Solutions.

“I learned so many things there. In New Zealand there are so many new things happening in the construction industry.”

Since completing his qualification in May, Sajith’s secured a job as a site engineer at CMP Construction, again with the help of the Corporate Relations Team.

 “It’s so hard to find a job, for a newcomer, but with the help of the placement team it’s become so easy. So I found a job which is perfect for me.”

He says he brings his experience as well as his new academic knowledge to the job, “because it’s a mix of management skills and the engineering skills. So I’m using both of those skills to do my tasks and duties,” he says.

Sajith says the OPAIC staff are always helping students. He says the school is growing and has a good future.

He advises those coming here for their study to give it 100 percent: “It will pay off for you.”