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Olga Ustinova

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management



Graduate Olga Ustinova says staff went out of their way to help her succeed during her Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management.

Olga worked as an interior designer and had her own events company back in Russia, but felt she needed a management qualification.

She and her family decided to move to New Zealand because it seemed like a good place to further her education.

She says she choose OPAIC because it’s one of the oldest and most famous polytechnics in the country. Prospective employers know the college and see it favourably.

Her course was all about management, financial decision making, project management, marketing and innovation.

“It’s a mix of all relevant disciplines,” she says.

Studying in a language which wasn’t her native one could be a challenge. But staff put extra catch-up lessons on for her when scheduled lessons clashed with her timetable.

 “Everyone’s trying to help you,” she says.

Olga says her English improved a lot throughout her course.

She worked hard and received an Excellent Scholar award in her last term. Her graduation last November was another happy and proud moment.

Outside of studying Olga enjoys nature and flower arranging. She says New Zealand is a good place for those hobbies.

“It’s all so close to my area. I can drive for ten minutes to reach the nearest park with native birds,” she says.

 “Every season you can see flowers. No snow.”

Some of the best things about New Zealand are its nature and the friendly people, according to Olga.

“I really like their attitude to ecology…Here it’s important to everyone.”

She recommends the country to anyone considering studying abroad.

“Just go for it. Follow your dreams.”