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Gaurang Kadiya

Bachelor of Applied Management



Gaurang Kadiya had a rewarding experience interning in the Customer Services Management department at Cardinal Logistics.

Gaurang is studying for a Bachelor of Applied Management with us and completed the internship as part of his programme.

He says he was impressed by the inclusive culture and welcoming attitude of the Cardinal team members.

“Despite being an intern in the Department of Customer Services Management, I was treated as a team member and given ample opportunities to learn and grow.”

 Gaurang attended staff meetings, client meetings, and training sessions, all of which helped him to develop new approaches and increase his excitement about pursuing further education in this field.

“Working at Cardinal Logistics was a valuable and rewarding experience for me,” he says.

Prior to his internship, he thought that preparing packets, consignments, or pallets for delivery was a straightforward process.

“However, I quickly realised that it is an intricate and multifaceted process that involves various tasks such as devanning, product stacking, return consignment, handling of damaged goods, and much more,” he says.

“At Cardinal Logistics, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in the logistics process.”

Gaurang is grateful for the guidance of his manager, Hayley, who had a friendly nature and was always available to provide help and solutions.

“I am grateful for her willingness to help and support me and other team members, which made my time at Cardinal Logistics a lot more enjoyable.”

He also extends his appreciation to colleagues Claudia, Prabhjot, Esther, and Style.

“They always made me feel like I was working with the right people and helped me learn many new tasks, which has been invaluable to my professional growth.”