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Myriah Hankins

Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management



Myriah Hankins is one of our offshore online students studying the Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management.  

They live in Columbus, Ohio, USA and currently work as a Recruiter and HR Manager for FedEx contractors.

Myriah lived and worked in Wellington, New Zealand, from 2015 to 2019. Initially, they lived in Australia on a working holiday visa, and then moved to New Zealand, also on a working holiday visa.

After that working holiday visa expired, they stayed for three more years on a series of work visas.

Initially, Myriah did not know anyone in New Zealand, but eventually, they made friends from work and from the LGBTQ+ community.

Over time, the place grew on them, particularly the culture and the large LGBTQ+ community in Wellington.

Myriah is an outdoorsy person who spent most of their time in the woods or at the beach. Some of their more memorable experiences were participating in a traditional Temazcal sweat lodge, skinny dipping in the freezing ocean and going to drag and theatre shows.

Unfortunately, Myriah had to go back to America when their work visa ended, but realised they did not want to let go of the life they had in Wellington.

Now, they are studying in the hopes of being able to go back and stay for good in New Zealand.

They’re attending classes every Friday and Saturday at odd hours due to time zones and working full time on top of that. Nonetheless, Myriah is able to participate actively in the class, and is learning a lot.

Photo credit: Becki Moss