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Renbin Fang

Graduate Diploma in Information Technology



Graduate Diploma in Information Technology graduate Renbin Fang is putting his study and work experience to use in the IT industry in New Zealand.

Renbin graduated from OPAIC in 2017. Since then he’s been developing mobile applications for a logistic company.

He says he enjoys the work, which uses technology he learned about during the mini-project he completed at the end of his OPAIC diploma.

Soon he’ll begin a new job as a Java developer at Kiwiplan, a company which provides industry-specific software to the corrugated, folding carton and paper packaging manufacturers worldwide. He’ll be able to put previous work experience to use in that job.

“I’m very excited about it because I will have a chance to work on some interesting projects with other high level skilled developers.”

Renbin will work in a bigger team than before and expects to learn a lot from others.

He decided to come to New Zealand and study at OPAIC because he wanted to expand on the knowledge he’d gained during his study in China.

The New Zealand lifestyle suits Renbin. Before coming here, he spent seven years in Shanghai. That city was a bit too busy for him, as he comes from a small village in China.

He likes the fact that OPAIC is an international campus based in Auckland city.

“In Auckland we have a lot of opportunities and we have different cultures.”

You can learn from the people from different countries, he says.

He advised those coming to study in New Zealand to get a bit of work experience under their belt first, as that experience would complement their study well when it came to finding a job.

Read more about the Graduate Diploma in Information Technology here.

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