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Our campus is closed for onsite delivery for the remainder of the year.

We intend to resume on-campus teaching at the beginning of next year.

Stay safe and look out for your friends and whānau.


OPAIC Guidelines


New Zealand has now entered the Covid-19 Protection Framework. The new framework introduces a flexible traffic light system for managing Covid-19 in the community.  It will provide us with more freedom to move around, and less disruption to our daily lives caused by lockdowns and other restrictions. Auckland has entered the framework at the Red level. You can find detailed information about the traffic light system here.

Tertiary Education

Under the Covid-19 Protection Framework, tertiary education can:

  • Open with a vaccination requirement for onsite delivery at Red.
  • Open with public health measures in place at Orange.
  • Open at Green.

Our return to campus

Tertiary providers can open for on-campus delivery at the Red level, however, to minimise disruption to our learners, we have decided to finish the year off online. Our campus will remain closed for the rest of the year. Our intention is to resume on-campus teaching at the beginning of Study Block 1, 2022.

Vaccine certificates

A key foundation of the Covid-19 Protection Framework is vaccination. Anyone who is double-vaccinated against Covid-19 can now request a My Vaccine Pass, which will soon be needed in a variety of public settings including events and hospitality venues.  Find out how to get your pass here. The process can be a bit difficult for international students without a New Zealand form of identification, so the NZ International Students’ Association has made this guide to help you if you get stuck. It is likely Auckland will still be at the Red level when we return to campus next year. At this setting, the Government has determined students and staff can only be onsite at tertiary providers if they are vaccinated, so you will need your vaccine pass to enter the campus.

Contact tracing

The Ministry of Health has created a tracing app — NZ COVID Tracer. This app works by scanning a QR code on a poster at businesses. The app then keeps track of where you have scanned so you know where you have been. Instructions for downloading the app are here:

Personal Hygiene

Please take measures to stay safe and well including:

Regularly wash and dry hands thoroughly - for at least 20 seconds.

Don't touch your face.

Cough and sneeze into your elbow.

Regularly disinfect surfaces.

Continuing good habits with face coverings will keep you and others safe.

Stay home if you are sick.

Get tested for Covid-19 if you have flu like symptoms - call your GP or Healthline and stay away from work/study.


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Important links

Ministry of Health

COVID-19 Government website



The OPAIC emergency number is 021 0282 8711.

Please note this number is for emergencies only. Please email for all non-emergency questions.