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Auckland is the world's third most liveable city so, you’ve chosen well! 

Auckland is a vibrant place, home to 1.7 million people, and New Zealand’s largest city. It's a global city and one of the world’s most multicultural, with more than 200 ethnic groups. 

In 2023, Auckland was named one of the best cities for workers' wellbeing by ForbesAuckland is the first city outside of Europe to rank in the top 10 in the Work-Life Balance Index.

Living in Auckland, you’ll experience its world-class shopping, lively restaurant-lined waterfront, vibrant arts and culture, buzzing nightlife, and harbour adventures right on your doorstep.

Auckland’s attractions include:

  • Over 2000 restaurants
  • World renowned coffee culture
  • Vibrant theatre and arts community
  • Thriving live-music and nightclub scene
  • Pristine marine reserves and public beaches
  • Host to many music and cultural festivals
  • Host to many sporting events including All Blacks games (rugby)
  • Landmarks include the Sky Tower, Harbour Bridge and the many volcanoes in the city (don’t worry, they are dormant)
  • Catch the ferry to Waiheke Island

Browse the Auckland website for more information on what to see and do.

Living costs

Auckland is an expensive city to live in. Please do some research about the costs of living before you start studying here.

You’ll need to think carefully about the amount of money you will need while you are studying. Remember, your daily cost of living is in addition to your tuition fees. Immigration New Zealand estimates that an international student will require at least NZ$20,000 per year to cover all living expenses.

For up-to-date information about New Zealand living costs, you can visit the New Zealand Immigration or New Zealand Education websites.

Approximate costs in Auckland


Amount (NZD)


$150 - $300 per week


$20 - $40 per week


$100 - $150 per week


$5 - $50 per week

Cell Phone

$5 - $10 per week


$10 - $50 per week


$10 - $50 per week


Auckland enjoys sunny summers and mild winters, with temperatures ranging from 15-24 degrees Celsius. Auckland summers are humid and the ozone layer is thinner over New Zealand so wearing sunblock is a must.

Explore Auckland

There is so much to see and do in and around Auckland. Here’s a list of “must do” activities to do while you’re studying.

  • Explore the 29,000kms of pristine coastline. Many of Auckland’s beaches are within easy reach using public transport or an Uber. Beaches on the east coast are white-sand and tranquil, whereas beaches on the west coast are black-sand and a little more wild (great surfing!). There are too many great beaches to name but here are a few to mark on your map to check out: Pakari Beach, Matakana Coast, Takapuna Beach, Piha Beach.
  • Hop on a boat and visit an island beach in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf! There are over 50 islands and many of these are accessible by ferry. Waiheke Island is a short, fast ferry ride from Auckland and many people live on Waiheke and commute to Auckland daily. The island has beautiful swimming beaches, plenty of holiday accommodation and amazing food and vineyards to discover.
  • Auckland has many regional parks which are a great way to discover the diverse beauty of landscapes typical of New Zealand. Here’s a great list of parks to visit.
  • Learn about Maori culture and New Zealand’s history through the many tours and cultural learning experiences available. A quick Google search on the topic delivers you many organisations to get in touch with.


There are a range of transport options available to you. Auckland’s public transport system consists of buses and trains. AIC is central to public transport links. Between the buses and trains, you can get anywhere in the city. If you live within the central city fringe, look out for the Link bus.

There are many cycle ways throughout the city, offering a safe way to ride your bike among the busy traffic. We endorse this sustainable form of transport! 

Uber is popular in Auckland as well as standard taxi services. You can feel safe using these services in Auckland and wider New Zealand, all taxis are installed with cameras for your protection and safety.

Learn all about transport in Auckland here.

Don’t forget that we drive on the LEFT side of the road in New Zealand! If you’re planning on purchasing a car here, spend some time learning our road rules before you arrive.