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Ann Ivy Roselle Cabanero

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management



Business student Ann Ivy Roselle Cabanero is looking forward to her new role on the Executive Committee of the New Zealand International Students'​ Association (NZISA).

Ann says the NZISA is a student led body promoting equality among all students, giving a voice to international students and making sure their rights are upheld. They collaborate with Government departments including the Ministry of Education, NZQA, and MBIE as well as the Human Rights Commission.

Her new role is Women’s Officer, advocating for female and female identifying international students.

Ann says she didn’t know about NZISA when she arrived here in New Zealand but she now believes it’s an organisation that all international students should be aware of.

“Right now, I’m looking into making sure all female international students here are aware of their rights in New Zealand as soon as they land.”

She says international students pay high fees and sacrifice a lot to come here and are entitled to get what they’ve paid for.

Ann looks forward to collaborating with OPAIC and the new Migrant Women in New Zealand community in her new role.

Her ideas include a symposium for international students with guest speakers.

Ann completed a degree in Mass Communications back home in the Philippines. She worked in the call centre industry in Manilla for four years then spent more than eight years working in IBM in a range of roles including team coordination and project management.

Ann had always wanted to explore the world outside of the Philippines and to get out of her comfort zone. She was also interested in learning about the concepts and theories behind her day-to-day work.

She saw that OPAIC offered the opportunity to learn about project management and that seemed like a great choice for her. She was swayed by stunning photos an old friend had been sharing of their international student experience in New Zealand.

It was a long journey to New Zealand for Ann, with the pandemic delaying her plans but she eventually landed here in April 2023.

The classroom setting was a real change of environment for her.

“It’s challenging but I’m enjoying the challenge.”

Some highlights of her time with us include planting trees with OPAIC at a revegetation site in Waihi.

“I went home so happy and fulfilled.”

She’s also enjoyed the presentations she’s given as she hasn’t had much opportunity to present since work moved online during the pandemic.

At the conclusion of her study, she may apply to work in IBM in New Zealand or another major company. For now, she’s happy with what she’s doing and open to all opportunities.

“I’m learning a lot here in New Zealand. Every day I learn something new.”