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Yindi Fu

Bachelor of Applied Management



Yindi Fu is excelling in his studies and puts his recent improvement down to the support he’s received from teachers and peers.

Yindi came to New Zealand seven years ago and completed his high school studies here before enrolling in the Bachelor of Applied Management at OPAIC.

He loves New Zealand for its natural environment as well as its educational environment.

He is now in the third and final year of his degree and is undertaking an internship with the Employability Team at the polytechnic.

Yindi’s internship is based in the Green Office, a new department supporting sustainability initiatives at OPAIC. His roles include helping other students find jobs and keeping track of the internship hours of his peers.

Employability Manager Dani Mao says Yindi has come a long way in his study and life in New Zealand.

His recent work and academic performance have hugely improved recently and he stands out among his peers, she says.

Yindi’s performance was recently recognised at our Excellent Scholar Awards where he received a Special Award for his Internship Project.

Yindi puts his recent success down to the support he’s received from teachers and his peers.

“I reckon my learning has improved because of help from peer tutors, as well as encouragement and strict requirements from my teachers.”

He advises other students to reach out to teachers, peer tutors, or even classmates whenever they need help. He says they’ll all be able to offer ideas and suggestions which will help you succeed.

Yindi says he’s enjoyed his degree because he’s had many opportunities to learn about how organisations run. There has also been a lot of focus on reflection and critical thinking, which he enjoys.

After he graduates with his bachelor’s degree, Yindi hopes to train as an early childhood teacher.