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Larisa Brovkina

Graduate Diploma in Information Technology



Larisa Brovkina says her experience at Otago Polytechnic’s Auckland International Campus has been “absolutely remarkable”.

The Russian student is studying towards a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology.

Larisa’s been interested in computers since childhood. She has an IT degree from Russia and has worked as a software engineer and an IT support engineer.

Next she’s thinking about becoming a software developer, but is open to other opportunities too.

She says she really enjoyed the data science paper at OPAIC and considering this as a career path.

Larisa says she’s working hard to improve her skills and increase her knowledge.

 “Courses are contemporary with interactive content. I have never felt bored,” she says.

She says the lectures at OPAIC are great, and all of them are professionals in their fields.

 “They are trying hard to share their experience and knowledge with students, they always help and answer all questions, spend a lot of time with students and make us work hard too.”

Outside of the classroom Larisa enjoys attending the different events organised for students such as trips, themed evenings, and job-search workshops.

She says it’s a big honour to be part of the OPAIC community.

 “I always wanted to become an international student and study in English speaking country. But I had been never thought that it would be the best country in the world.”

Larisa says New Zealand is like paradise on Earth.

“Incredible nature, friendly people, fresh air and a lot of the sun and the ocean.”

She came to New Zealand with her husband and in their spare time they hike, visit beaches, and swim in the ocean.

Larisa loves Auckland and is looking forward to seeing more of the country: “When people say that there are more exciting or beautiful places I can’t believe it.”

Socialising is also important to Larisa so she attends different meetup events.

“This is wonderful way to meet new people and make new friends. It is crucial for international students and I enjoy this meeting very much.”

She’s already looking for an IT role in New Zealand for after she graduates.

The industry in New Zealand is very progressive here and she understands there are a lots of opportunities in the country despite its small size.