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Sahib Prabhakar

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management



Graduate Sahib Prabhakar is enjoying his new job as Territory Manager for telecommunications company 2degrees.

Sahib comes from New Delhi in India and studied the Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management at Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus.

He says coming to New Zealand and studying at OPAIC was a really good experience for him.

He had experience working in sales and marketing back home so he particularly enjoyed learning all about digital marketing, sales strategy, and the New Zealand market during his programme.

“This course helped me a lot to achieve my goals in New Zealand and now I’m working in a good company with good people around me and a good atmosphere.”

His job at 2degrees involves taking care of corporate sales for the Canterbury region of the South Island. He says he enjoys the job and his scenic Christchurch location. 

He loves making use of the various platforms and strategies he learned about during his programme for reaching customers.

OPAIC’s Employability Team helped him secure the job, introducing him to one of our graduates who was already working at the company. That graduate in turn helped arrange an interview for Sahib. 

Sahib graduated earlier this year and has been in his role for about five months.

He says work differs here from in India. Back home he’d call his bosses ‘sir’ or ‘ma'am’, whereas here he can call them by their first names. He says his customers in New Zealand are also particularly friendly and always willing to take the time to listen to him.

Sahib’s glad he made the move to New Zealand.

“I’ve met so many people from all over the world. It’s good to share each other’s experience about their culture, about their work ethics.”

He has some words of advice for current and future students of OPAIC as he knows it can be a bit tough starting out as a student, balancing study with a part-time job.

“If you concentrate on your goals and if you be serious with your studies and listen to what your professor is telling you, you will be on a very good path.”