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Ivan Eresko

Graduate Diploma in Information Technology



Russian student Ivan Eresko says Otago Polytechnic’s Auckland International Campus is helping him to grow in a professional way.

Ivan enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Information Technology at OPAIC to improve his IT skills. He says there were several reasons why he chose the school. Firstly, he has some friends who graduated from OPAIC and rated it very highly.

“They told me a lot, really a lot of things to help me get a picture of how to study here and what to expect.”

Then, his educational agent advised him to study here because of the quality of education.

“And finally, the primary aim of the college is to help graduates find a job. All of my graduated IT friends already got a job, and I think this is the best example of the quality of the educational system.”

Ivan says his tutors are professionals in the IT field. They have plenty of practical knowledge, which is very important for education.

“After finishing my study, I am going to work in IT sphere. I am sure I will be well-prepared to work here in New Zealand.”

Ivan’s course consists of five study blocks with four breaks between them. Every study block lasts two months and includes two subjects.

He said he chose to make the move to New Zealand because the country is very beautiful.

The good climate, fresh air and wonderful nature were all things that tempted him to spend part of his life here.

In his spare time he likes to spend time with his friends, walk, and discover new parts of New Zealand. He says there are many beautiful parks in Auckland. He’s looking forward to seeing Hobbiton and Rangitoto Island.

Ivan says he likes living in New Zealand because of people's attitudes to life.

“No one is in a hurry. People work, get a good salary, and also have plenty of free time to spend with a family or go in for sports.”

He says sport is very popular here and living in New Zealand has motivated him to take care of his health and get involved. He goes to the gym and enjoys hiking.

He advised those back home considering overseas study not to be afraid.

“Come to New Zealand, choose OPAIC. Staff are very helpful, multilingual, tutors are professionals. If you want to change your life and make it better, choose OPAIC, and it will help you reach all of your goals.”