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The choice is yours!

But choose wisely because part of having a great experience here is being happy in your home-life too. Auckland is a big city with lots of different living options; inner-city excitement or tranquil bush settings; apartment-living or a shared flat.

The area you choose to live in will affect your rent cost and lifestyle. Be sure to consider factors such as commuting, public transport and access to AIC. Find information on Auckland suburbs at Hometopia.

As well as location, there are different types of accommodation for you to think about. Look at all the options available and choose what best suits your personal needs and budget. Here are some of the most popular options:


There are many popular apartments for international students in the city centre that are suitable for both short and long-term accommodation including Empire ApartmentsPrinceton Apartments, and Columbia Apartments.

Impression Real Estate, just up the road from campus, is another good place to visit when looking for an apartment to rent.

Shared living (we call this “flatting”)

Living with other students or friends is cost-effective as you share costs such as rent, utilities and sometimes even the food bill if you do shared meals. Check out our student Facebook group, called OPAIC Student Community. Lots of students post here looking for roommates or accommodation.

You can also search for rentals on the TradeMe website.

Visit the Tenancy Services website to learn about the rights and responsibilities of renters in New Zealand.


Stay in the welcoming home of an approved family in Auckland. Your stay includes all meals and a private, furnished bedroom. The cost is $320 per week for two meals Monday-Friday and three meals Saturday and Sunday. There is also a $300 placement fee. Please email for more information or to book this option.

Be sure to do you research before committing to something permanent. If you're unsure, it's a good idea to book some short-term accommodation for your arrival to give you some time to get a feel for the city, and the people you meet. Then you can confidently commit to a longer-term lease.


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