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Issue 3

Omer Altaf - A Review of Building Information Modelling Adoption and Barriers to Quantity Surveying Practice in New Zealand Indrapriya Kularatne, Joyce Castillo - Integrating Building Information Modelling and Wearable Technologies for Fall-From-Height Management in New Zealand Construction Sites Indrapriya Kularatne, Sheyda Razizadeh - The Adoption of Artificial Intelligence-Based Systems in the Development of Public Transportation in Auckland Indrapriya Kularatne, Kashmira More - Exploring the Impact of Chatbots on Customer Satisfaction and Business Efficiency in New Zealand’s Financial Technology Industry Chengyun Wang, Shafiq Alam, Indrapriya Kularatne, Bing Dai - The Impact of Digital Transformation on Organisational Structure Sanjeev Acharya, Chandra Poudyal, Kosala Liyanage - Factors Influencing the Use of Mobile Marketing Strategies Among Small-to-Medium Enterprises in New Zealand Yury Zhukov, Natalia Tormysheva - Factors Influencing Customer Activity in the Contemporary Tourism Industry in Aotearoa Edwin Rajah, Rashmi Manmohan Acharya - The Role of Performance Reviews to Enhance Call Centre Agents’ Performance Olufemi Omisakin, Seohee Han - Customer Service Challenges: A Case Study Review of the New Zealand Property Management Sector Swati Puri - Interactions of Leverage and Firm Performance: The Moderating Effects of Agency Costs Bing Dai, Mary Mendoza - The Insurance Industry's Adaptation Practice to Climate Change Rajeev Chawla, Christine Santiago - What a waste! An Exploratory Study of Food Waste Management in the Meal-Kit Industry Lorraine Skelton, Si Wai Tong - Enhancing Church Growth Using Design Thinking: A Motivational Proposal for Mountainside Lutheran Church Ziaul Jewel - The Nature of International Social Work in the Integration of Immigrants: A Scoping Review