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Issue 2

Bruno Balducci, Dani Mao - Sustainability internships: a path to becoming agents of change? Roshini Perera, Indrapriya Kularatne, Olufemi Omisakin - Employability challenges: Sri Lankan migrant knowledge workers in Finance and Business Management in New Zealand Bing Dai, Omer Altaf, Srividya Krishnamoorthy - Training Teachers as a Self-Empowerment Approach for Sustainable Professional Development Yury Zhukov, Christiaan Bredenkamp, Rajeev Chawla - The Dread of Normality: Student Perceptions in Transitioning Between Online and On-Campus Learning Maria Abigail Andres, Barnaby Pace, Indrapriya Kularatne - The Contributing Factors to the High Turnover of Early Childhood Education Teachers in Auckland, New Zealand Prasadie Rashmini Manawaduge Silva, Indrapriya Kularatne, Edwin Rajah, Olufemi Omisakin - A Conceptual Evaluation of Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Office Workers Applying the Socio-Ecological Model Chintankumar Patel, Indrapriya Kularatne - Cross-Cultural Investigation: Challenges Faced by Pacific Seasonal Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic Prabhjot Kaur, Barnaby Pace, Olufemi Omisakin, Indrapriya Kularatne - Psychological Distress due to COVID-19 Among Immigrants with Temporary Visas Working in Retail and Hospitality Industries: A Systematic Literature Review Indrapriya Kularatne, Nordenla Bhutia - Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Migrant Workers in Gulf Cooperation Council Swati Kumaria Puri - ESG and Corporate Financial Performance-Evidence from New Zealand Barnaby Pace - Slippery Slopes in Virtual Environments. Testing and Experimental Design for Slant Estimations in the Real World and 3-D Computer Generated Environments