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Summer jobs in Central Otago

20 July, 2020
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There are good summer jobs available for international students studying in Central Otago.

Central Otago is the location of our boutique Cromwell campus, which offers programmes in areas including horticulture, cookery, snowsports, outdoor adventure and apiculture.

Cromwell is a growing town surrounded by rugged landscapes, lakes, vineyards and orchards.

Many student jobs are available during the December and January export cherry harvest there.

For some, this seasonal job could even develop into a career in the horticulture industry.

The Cherry harvest begins in early December and continues through until late January.

It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, learn some new skills, make career connections and earn decent money to help with future studies.

This season is looking to bring one of the largest crops on record. Due to Covid-19 border closures, New Zealand is without its usual pickers – backpackers and those on working holidays.

This means there are more opportunities for onshore students looking for a vacation job, or perhaps a career in the horticulture industry.

There are currently many jobs available in New Zealand’s primary sector. There are roles in IT, business, human resources, technical skills and many more areas.

For more on the summer jobs, do a search of cherry harvest and packhouse jobs in Central Otago and make an enquiry.

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