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Recruitment experts on campus

10 June, 2024
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We had a great time hosting a highly engaging panel discussion on Recruitment Insights at the end of May.

Our panel experts, Ritika Singh, Kennedy Sua, and Sidra Siddiqui provided students with invaluable knowledge and practical advice on internships, graduate roles, entry-level job opportunities, and current job market trends.

Ritika Singh, Co-Founder & Director at Global Talent, shared her expertise on resume-building tips, effective interview techniques, and essential career development strategies.

Kennedy Sua, Project Talent Acquisition Consultant with Auckland Council, offered unique advice on how to stand out in the hiring process with his strategic approach to recruitment.

Sidra Siddiqui, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, provided deep insights into current employer expectations and hiring trends, helping students understand what recruiters are looking for in today's competitive job market.

Our moderator, Francis Lyn Samaco, a passionate learner dedicated to career development, did a fantastic job facilitating the discussion and ensuring the questions of many international students at OPAIC were addressed.

After the panel discussion, many students stayed back and spoke more with these experts.