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Management student bound for Harvard

17 July, 2023
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Applied Management student Karl Ipong has just been accepted into the Sustainable Business Strategy program at Harvard Business School.

Karl is completing the final study block of his Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management with us. He’s enjoyed getting involved in sustainability initiatives on campus during his time here.  

“The word "sustainability" is something I've only come across recently. Green Office Toitu, led by Dani Mao, has done an excellent job of piquing my curiosity about sustainability,” says Karl.

“Dani and Christiaan did an outstanding job lobbying for sustainability practices in our school. Inspired by their efforts, I began delving deeper into this topic and started conducting my own research.”

Karl has recently achieved his Sustainable Resource Management certification from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP).

“This certification has provided me with a firm foundation in sustainable development principles and practices. It has increased my enthusiasm for sustainability and its capacity to effect positive change,” says Karl.

He has also just been accepted into the online Sustainable Business Strategy program at Harvard Business School, beginning in November.

“Participating in this prestigious program will undoubtedly increase my knowledge and proficiency in sustainable business practices.”

Karl is looking forward to studying the Managing Sustainability course here are OPAIC during his final study block.

“The Managing Sustainability course will give me insight into key concepts, frameworks, and strategies related to sustainable business practices,” he says.

“It will enable me to delve deeper into the topic and implement the knowledge acquired from my UNESCAP certification and upcoming Harvard Business School studies.”

Karl says it’s an honour to be a part of Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus. The campus has proactively embraced the principles of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and developed its own approach to this concept.

Earlier in the year Karl was involved in a project investigating how OPAIC’s courses aligned with these Sustainable Development Goals.

“We conducted a course mapping exercise to determine the importance of each course and to see if the knowledge gained from each course would meet the requirements based on our framework.”

“My two teammates and I collaborated on the course mapping project using the framework provided by our school. Considering all that, it is evident that our institution is on the mission of effectively advancing the cause of providing quality education to all its students.”

On top of his study, Karl works part-time as a senior sales executive, overseeing the sales generation, management, and operations of his company. He has prior experience as an operations manager and a project manager.

Karl now aims to utilise the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals to bring about positive change in his organisation and the community.

“I aim to facilitate sustainable practices by collaborating with stakeholders and promoting cross-sector partnerships,” says Karl.

He says he’ll also work towards applying renewable energy, adopting waste reduction measures, and promoting social inclusion.

He’s committed to consistently monitoring and evaluating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

“My goal is to ensure that they are not just lofty aspirations but rather concrete and measurable objectives that actively contribute to creating a more sustainable and equitable world for current and future generations.”