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Studying online through Otago Polytechnic

We are now accepting applications for students who wish to study Applied Management or English online from outside New Zealand.

Key advantages of studying online

  • Make the most of this time while the world is still grappling with the challenges of Covid-19
  • Short, smart study pathways
  • Attractive scholarships
  • Save on accommodation, travel, and living costs
  • Develop digital literacy capabilities
  • Get access to the same student services as learners on campus

Available programmes 


How it all works

Your journey will begin with an online Orientation led by our Student Success Team via webcast. It will introduce you to staff, give you tips for success and wellbeing, and answer any questions you have as you start out in your study.

You’ll take part in online classes, which will be held between 4pm and 8pm NZT.

Your courses will use an online learning management system called Moodle. You’ll have ready access to all course content and resources. You’ll also get access to Microsoft Teams, where you will be able to collaborate with classmates and complete tasks. Not only does this give you the chance to feel part of the team, it is also a vital skill to develop for the 21st century workplace.


A guide for prospective students

Below is a guide for studying online through Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus, which we hope will answer all of your questions.


Recognition of qualifications

These online qualifications will all be recognised in New Zealand. These programmes are approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education Act 1989, and Otago Polytechnic is accredited to teach them. Additionally, our English Language certificates are accepted by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority as alternative evidence of IELTS.

However, prospective students should check that the qualification, which will be awarded via online delivery, will be recognised in the country in which they intend to use it. They can get this information from the relevant government or qualifications authority.


Coming to New Zealand

You don’t need a student visa to begin your studies online outside of New Zealand, but you will need one if you decide to travel here to continue your study when the borders open. If you plan to travel to New Zealand eventually, it is a good idea to talk to your agent and make sure you will be eligible for a student visa.

Alternatively, you may choose to complete your New Zealand qualification wholly online in your home country. We currently have approval to offer online programmes until 30 September 2022, so you should ensure you can complete your programme by this date.

Please note we are not a licensed immigration adviser, and so we do not have the authority to advise students on their eligibility for visas. We cannot guarantee that you will be issued with a student visa or a post-study work visa, as those decisions are made by Immigration New Zealand.