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Keeping up with study despite distance

13 May, 2020
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Ramandeep Kaur is staying up until the early hours of the morning to attend online classes from her home in India.

Ramandeep was unable to return to New Zealand to resume her study after the country’s borders closed.

She is currently in the Punjab region of India and has been in and out of lockdown.

Ramandeep is studying towards a Bachelor of Information Technology at OPAIC.

She says online study is going very well and her lecturers are pleased with her performance.

“The very good thing about this online study is the recording of the lectures.”

The professor shares the recording with students at the end of the lecture. It’s helpful for students to watch these recordings again in case they didn’t understand something.

The only difficulty she’s faced is the time difference between New Zealand and India. It means she sometimes has to attend classes as early as 2.30am. Yet she’s managed to attend all of her online classes to date.

“Otherwise everything is going well for me with the online classes. Professors are very helpful and whenever I need help, I just drop a message and they get back to me.”