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Industry guest for Construction students

29 August, 2019
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Our Construction students had the opportunity to hear from an experienced industry guest yesterday. 

Red Zhou is a quantity surveyor who has been working at Hawkins since 2006.

Yesterday he delivered a workshop to quantity surveying students from a number of different cohorts. The topic of the workshop was Estimating and Measurement: work-based examples and challenges of a junior quantity surveyor.

The challenges discussed included conditions of the tender requirement, reading drawings and specifications, and teamwork and collaboration.

Ways to overcome those challenges included communicating, asking questions, and time management.

Construction Lecturer, LipWah Ho, said the session was a great opportunity for students to connect to the industry. It allowed them to relate what they’d learned in the classroom to the real world.

Students enjoyed the workshop citing good and helpful insights into Red’s experience as a junior quantity surveyor working his way up to a senior quantity surveyor position.

Lip said students also found the advice given by Red helpful in terms of choosing a quantity surveying career path based on one’s strengths.

“Last but not least, students now feel more confident to take on the challenges of the future.”