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Practical experience for construction students

18 May 2018

A group of AIC construction students had the opportunity to see a prime example of sustainable housing up-close this week.

New Zealand Diploma in Construction and Bachelor of Construction students visited a rammed earth house in west Auckland as a part of their experiential learning process.

Lecturer Don Samarasinghe said the rammed earth house was a good example of a sustainable living environment.

The house is made of 350 millimetre thick rammed earth walls.

Most of the materials used in the house are local, including the coarse silt used for the rammed earth walls, which was quarried at Muriwai.

“This amazing house also has bespoke French doors, ogee trim and marble lintels,” said Dr Samarasinghe.

The house has two rain water harvesting systems located in the backyard too.

“In addition to its sustainable value, this house also has amazing architectural features and a soaring library,” he said.

During this visit the group took 360 degree photos, for an Auckland Build project about the virtual reality of sustainable living environments.

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